Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Juicy Bits & Elegantly Wasted Christmas Collab 2009

Aiya and I have put together a sweet little Christmas Collab!!
I think it turned out lovely.. I stopped making scrap kits cause I'm not overly confident in making them, but it really turned out super cute and the colours are LUSH! Def not your typical Christmas Colours.

Its FREE!!!!!!! and you can grab it from Aiya's Store HERE

Please drop by her blog and leave her a lil lovin ♥
Thanks for having confidence in me aiyapapaya! xx

Christmas Temps 6 -10

Hai Everyone ♥

Some more Christmas temps for you.. I looooooove the Christmas Season so these are ALWAYS fun to put together.

Ive zipped them all up and they are in PSD format.

My fave one? The PINK one of course ;)

You can grab em HERE

On a diff topic, Thanks to all those who left me emails and notes of support.. It was sooooooo appreciated. xx

♥ Cin

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas Templates 1 - 5

I know, I know.. Some of you may be screaming "Its too early for Christmas" but for me, it's not.
I don't celebrate Thanksgiving, so as soon as November hits, I'm all about Christmas!
I decorate fanatically, I go all out with my lights, and I'm already listening to Christmas carols LOL

My apologies for neglecting the blog lately.. Ive been busy with other things!
5 temps, Ive zipped them up for you and they are in PSD format.
Special thanks to Twinky over at Twinky Dezines, for allowing me to use her Tree Templates. xx

I hope everyone is doing well!
xx ♥

You can grab them HERE