Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Birthday, Aiya!

I know.. Belated. Im so darn slack.. Sorry xx
Please enjoy my ramblings as an apology..
Sorry its so quick.. I was having trouble wtith my webcam and Im on my darn laptop.. stupid freakin keys.. someones obviously moved them around! Plus it was getting dark lol and Its so darn hot here this afternoon.. Nooooooooo Im not naked.. I know ya always think I am LOL
Left 0ut heaps of stuff that I wanted to say.. but hey I might have to make a habit of doing these hehe

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Im the juiciest of them all!

well not really, but my good friend obviously thinks I am.. bwahahaha
Aiya over at Juicy Bits kindly bestowed upon me this awesome award..
Funny thing.. I tell ya hun, we are so alike its almost criminal - I was just thinking about a week that I hadnt seen any new awards floating around - which kinda sucked! Was thinkin of making up a new one, but low and behold ya saved me the trouble ahahaha!
Thank you for my award.. I lurve it!!
I'm to pass this on to 3 other Juicy blogs -
All of whom are taggers extraordinaire
Huggles, Cin ♥

Glitter Clusters

Hiya everyone!
Its nice to be back home!!! YAY!
Got some lil glitter clusters for you... just playing around in PSP - hope you find some use for em

Shown smaller in the preview - PSD format.
You can grab em HERE
Huggles, Cin ♥

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Winged Heart

Hi Everyone!

Was playing around in PSP - Thought someone might get some use out of it..
Personal Use only..

You can grab it HERE
Huggles, Cin♥

More Temps

Hi Everyone!
Couple more templayes for ya'll! Hope someone can find some use in them!

Template 13 HERE

Template 14 HERE

Template 15 HERE
Huggles, Cin ♥

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Just wanted to post a quick pic of me and one of my BFF'S - She's really sick at the moment and I miss her! This was taken one night in August when we all went on a bit of a booze bender..

I'm the dark-haired one, trust me - I do have neck somewhere in there LOL, you just cant see it.. Stupid camera phone!
Thinking of ya, Renee.. and I luffs ya xx

More WordArt

Hello Everyone!
Got some more stuff.. Made a whole bunch of wordart.. Badly needed to get in to PSP and release some stress LOL! I had the morning from hell which had me thinking I needed a drink before it was even 11am! LOL - Instead I opted to call Mum and have a vent.. She often pops in on my blog and checks it out, even though she doesnt even know how to open PSP hehe - Love you, Mum xx

So hopefully someone can find this wordart useful!!

Ill have some more stuff later today

You can get 2 from HERE

You can get 3 from HERE

You can get 4 HERE
xx, Cin ♥

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Templates 0011 & 0012

Hello Everyone!

2 more templates for ya'll - Hope someone finds em useful!

Got some wordart in the making too.. Thought Id quickly upload these before I forget..

11 is HERE

12 is HERE

Huggles, Cin