Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Blog :D

Hello Everyone!
I have decided to open my own blog instead of posting on Juicy Bits - My new blog will also co-incide with the tut's I plan on writing, and its easier for me to have everything under the same name etc.. I adore Aiya and support her 100%, we're just kinda on diff fields at the moment.
I havent finished with my tut site, well its not really a site, just a google site until I can think of somewhere better to put them - plus its free, so thats a total bargain! I'll post the link once I have that up and running :)

So here is my brand spanking new blog - Any suggestions? Music? No Music.. and damn I need to get some blog friends!

The stuff I post here will be the same as I posted over at Juicy Bits - Tagging stuff. Plus any other crap I can cram on here.. rofl.. And there will probably be a rant or 2 thrown in for good measure..

So welcome and enjoy :D

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