Saturday, August 29, 2009


Hello everyone -
Im running waaay behind on everything at the moment, However last week or maybe the week before lol I posted that Id have a surprse for a couple of people who stop by the blog!
Could you 3 ladies send me an email - or a PM in one of the groups we're in with your tube of choice from MPT or AMI - Just a lil TY for always leaving nice comments when you stop by the blog!
Wish I could gift everyone - but I cant.. but I do plan on doing this every now and then!
Now - School is totally kicking my ass! And all my other commitments mean Im neglecting some things, So Im sorry - Im still working on a heap of things and Im still doing my tut site (thanks for the IM's/Emails asking about it) Im just finding it hard to get a lot written up as I use so many different things from diff kits/places etc!
Anyhoo - Hope everyone is well ♥
Huggles, Cin

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