Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Temps, 8 - 9 - 10 !!

O Hai :)

A few more temps for ya'll!
Had an awesome time at my girlfriends b'day party.. And managed to not get too smashed!
Had so much fun that we decided to do it again on Saturday as well! I dont have any pics - I think we were all too tipsy to even focus a camera. Reminded me how much I missed going out with em!
Just wanted to say a quick TY to those of who who bother to leave thanks and or pop in an say Hi! I appreciate it :)
Matter of fact, Ill be showing how much I appreciate it come the weekend - when some of you are randomly picked for a suuuuuuuurprise!! *grin*

Im too lazy to do individual previews.. sorry!
008 HERE
009 HERE
0010 HERE
xx Cin♥