Sunday, October 4, 2009


Artmama and Kirsty sent this to me, But Ive been a wee bbit neglectful and Im only getting to them now!

1. How long have you been using PSP, PS? I think I started in 2004 - Ive taken quite a few breaks from PSP the longest one being 18 months or so, so I guess Ive been psping for around 3 years all up.
2. How did you get into making tags, scrapkits? It started making very bad tags LOL in an MSN group after seeing others make them but at the time of course I thought my tags were hot stuff LOL, then went into blending, I still have a big love of blending and making blends but the PSP environment doesnt leave me much room to do that love.
3. Who`s your fave artist?
Ismael Rac- His generosity astounds me, I love that he creates sooo many layers to play with and the freedom he gives with recolouring is fantastic, as far as Im concerned few come close to his talent/generosity and love for his fans. I also love Gorjuss and Zindy!
4.Who`s your favorite Scrap Designer? I have sooo many, but I do love Laura from Cinnamon Scraps, I really miss Teresa's Scraps, I guess I dont really have a fave. I know how hard kits are to make so I love a wide variety of scrappers.
)5. Which three blogs do you visit everyday?
YIKES, the only blog I usually check on a regular basis is mine and Aiya's LOL - Im soooo slack and Im getting behind.. I often visit, Yvettes and Missys.
I'm passing this on to Aiya.. cause shes ma biatch ♥ LOL and I think everyone else already has it, chances are Aiya has already had it passed on to her too, but shes been lazy and not yet put it up o.O
xx Cin

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  1. Sometime, walking around from blog to blog, you can find out many interesting things ^^ when I get bored I usually do that... today I meet yours ^^
    and of course we also need to always keep in touch with some of dear friends' blog by visiting them regularly and give comments which would let them happy ^^